Authentic Manufacturers of Demulsifier to provide the best Solution!

Xianyang Fenghua Mud Materials is a recognized Crude Oil Demulsifier Manufacturers; producing and supplying the best solutions to fulfill the needs of different industries using variety of petrochemicals and oil auxiliaries in different aspects. Zuanbao is the registered trademark of our product. We have acquired the quality ISO9001:2008 QMS certification. We are professional the providing drilling mud, fracturing, and cementing according to international standards. We also have new products of oil four series produced to fulfill high quality needs, found perfect in technical services, and satisfying scientific measurements.
Xianyang Fenghua is devoted in manufacturing high grade oil demulsifiers to provide relevant services to our customers. We never compromise on quality and strictly follow the international quality standards in manufacturing our different oil auxiliaries as per demands of our domestic and worldwide clients. That’s why, they admire our products and services which have build an authentic name in favor of our and they declare us reliable in chemical industry.